Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tracy + Joel (are MARRIED!!)

Last month, Henry and I drove up to Houston to shoot Tracy and Joel's wedding and WOW, was it a loooooong day! We left home at 5:30am to get there by 8:00am and then stayed at the reception until after 10:00pm! It was totally worth the work, though. Tracy and Joel are the sweetest couple! And they went out of their way for us to get great photos. After the ceremony, we drove around Houston in the rain looking for fun spots to shoot and I think we got some really great stuff! Here are some of my faves (and YES, there are a LOT! I said it was a long day, didn't I?!?)

PS ... It may not seem like it, but we DO shoot in color! :) Apparently, I like black and white photos A LOT so I usually choose those for the blog. B&Ws have so much more character, don't they?!?

Congrats you guys!!

XOXO, Sarah and Henry


Courtney Sprague said...

WOW!!!!!!!! These are beautiful, Sarah and Henry! I was going to try to keep up with my faves and list them here, but...ummm...they are all AMAZING!

kellie said...

fabulous job sarah! i love them all..just like courtney.

Stacy Cross said...

Gorgeous pictures, Sarah! These are fantastic.