Thursday, April 12, 2007


To thank all of you who read my blog and to celebrate the (soon-to-be) launching of my new kids site, I'm having a PHOTO CONTEST!!

I absolutely adore old photos. The older and more faded, the better! I also absolutely adore Jessica Hughes' line of photo jewelry and gifts. If you haven't seen it, just wait for the new site to launch. Roxy and Kai Photography now carries almost everything Jessica makes! Bracelets, necklaces, cute as can be magnets and wall plaques. You're gonna LOVE her stuff! And one of you lucky blog readers is going to win my very favorite Jessica Hughes bracelet : the Green Apple Rock Candy Bracelet. These puppies will be selling for $225 once the site is launched, so this contest is HUGE!

The AWESOME-O prize :

Photo on tile by Candy Avera

How to enter : Email me your very favorite old photo to : Tell me who's in the photo and why it's your favorite. All entries will be posted on the blog on April 26th and readers will be able to vote for their favorites. Make sure to send the blog link to all your friends and tell them to vote for you! Winner will be announced May 3rd.

Now go! Find some old pics! I can't wait to see 'em :)

Some of my favorite (semi) old pictures of me and Henry ...

How cute are Henry's old pictures?? Henry, his mom and stepdad and his old dog Brownie ...

I was a hula girl with attitude and my brother Matt was a clown (haha!)

This is me with my dad at the beach. I look like Roxy!

This is my brother Matt, me and my uncle Joe. This is one of my favorite old polaroids ...


Kara said...

How cool! That prize is awesome.... You have been busy all your new work! I gotta get shooting... been on the computer to I am gonna go look through some of my old pics now!

Anne said...

OMG... that apple candy rock bracelet looks soooo yummmmmy!!!! (I know I can't really eat it... but it's fun to imagine!) Now I MUST find an old photo to share!!!

Catherine Sparks said...

Great contest! I'll be submitting one to you soon! I liked looking at your old photos. Your dad looks like Sean Penn in that one photo!