Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jesh Inspired

I have a new favorite photographer ... Jesh de Rox. He's AMAZING with texture and light and emotion. I told him I'd pay him a thousand dollars for him to take just ONE picture of me and I totally meant it. Check out his work here : Jesh's Site

So my art show at Blue Star is next month! I'm so excited. After spending hours looking at Jesh's stuff, I decided to do a textured photo for the show. Here's what I've done so far ... I'd LOVE some feedback on these. I think I'm definitely gonna get the first one printed up. Not so sure about the second one. Is it toooooo grungy?

Leave me some comments and tell me what'cha think! It would be much appreciated!



Jennifer said...

GIRL!! Isn't his stuff amazing? I fell in love immediately. Love both of those images. The textures totally work. And I do believe that Roxy and Maggie have the exact same those chucks! Great shot!
And way to go with the art show! I'm sure you'll get lots of positive feedback.

Kara said...

Great stuff! I saw his work for the first time at WPPI
I was so inspired too.... what did you use for your textures? Congrats on the show also!

Jen Harris said...

Very unique and good luck with your show! Beautiful photos!

Chris said...

You know, I like the second one a lot!

Jen said...

I think these images are gorgeous..VERY jesh-like :) (I'm also a HUGE fan of his work!!!) I have no idea how you got your photos to get that textured look, but it is beautiful. Awesome!!