Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Blog (and some family pics!)

Happy 2008 Everyone!! Like the new blog? Leave me some comments!!

So, one of our goals this year is to spend more time as a family. So our first post of '08 is of the kiddos! Today was our first Saturday off in MONTHS so we headed to downtown Austin to shoot some fun pics of all the kids. Some of my faves ...

The whole fam (minus me 'cause I'm always behind the camera)

Esther and Rox (BEEEAUUUUTIFUL!)

Esty, Rox and Danny (GOOOOFBALLS!)

Esty's so CUTE :)

It took a lot of bribing to get Roxy to sit long enough for two pictures. There was chocolate and pizza involved :)

A rare photo of Danny not making a silly face or trying to look tough ...

I love my Kai :)

Ahhh, yes, tough Danny

How ADORABLE is this face?!?! I LOOOVE MY KAI!

I was so excited that they all did big-muscle-arms at the same time ...

Tough Danny again

Um ... yeah ... LOVE THIS ONE!

Esther, you rock!

Henry, you rock, too :)

Couple of dropouts :)

If you're ever downtown Austin and REEEALLLY hungry, go to HomeSlice Pizza. YUMMMMMMM-YUMMM-YUMMMMY!

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Jennifer Nichols said...

The new blog rocks!!! And so does your adorable family. Great job Sarah!!

Amanda said...

What an adorable and sassy family you have there! I love the ones of the kids, but you need to teach Henry to take some pictures, cause we wanna see the momma too!

Stephanie Fraley said...

Freakin' awesome as always! :) You're stupendous!

Sara C said...

Sooo awesome girly!!! Your family could not be more photogenic! (I'm sure it doesn't help that they have a genius behind the camera).

studio3z photography said...

BEAUTIFUL family!!! And I love the new blog...your images deserve to be BIGGER!!

beth said...

I feel like I just spent the day with your family! Great photos! And I love the blue & green colors in the 2nd & 3rd.

Amy Cupp said...

Awesome!!!! Your family is B - u-tiful

Rob & Christy said...

It's just not fair. you are TOO good. And you have such a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...
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