Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday ROXY!!!!!

My baby girl Roxy is three years old today!! We had a party for her the other day and I was hoping to get a good new picture of her but she woke up that morning with a fever and has been sick ever since. How sad is that?? She has definitely NOT been in a picture-taking mood, so the birthday portrait will have to wait a few days. She felt good enough to eat some of this AWESOME-O cake that I made, though! Check it out ... it only took me like 8 hours to make it (seriously!)





She felt good enough to open her gifts ...


And ONLY wanted to play with this one ... her new dollhouse!


Blowing out her candles with MoMo ...


Yeah, trying to get 7 kids to all look at the camera at the same time was interesting! From left, that's Roxy's cousin Dylan, Kai, Rox, her friend Thomas and her boyfriend (yep, Roxy says so) Dan. In the back is Roxy's cousin Hailey and Aunt Jessie.


Somehow Kai has managed to NOT get sick (knock on wood!) so we got lots of pictures of him ... can I just ask one thing? When did my baby boy get so BIG?!?!?!


Running to hug Dylan ... so CUTE!



I have the cutest baby boy in the world! Look at that smile!!





More pictures of the birthday girl coming soon ... I promise!


kel.photography said...

Oh! I love that cake!
And yes, Kai is looking bigger and more handsome as the days go by!
Hope Roxy feels better soon!

Sara C. said...

Wow, I am totally impressed with the cake!!!

Happy Birthday Roxy!!!! Feel better soon!

(And yes, you have the cutest baby boy EVER!)

Stephanie Fraley said...

Expanding into the cake arena, too?? That cake is FANTASTIC! You should be the one woman party stop for the freakin' rockest parties in the whole world. :) And all the kids are beautiful!

Dennis Bullock said...

Happy Birthday Roxy! Your cake is super cool!

Ange said...

Hi Sarah - I think this is my first comment, but I am a long, long time reader.

I just wanted to say "Beautiful!". I have my step-daughters 13th in a week and absolutely love that cake you made. The colours are gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Roxy! Hope you feel better real soon.

Krista & Anthony said...

Sarah I am finally getting around to making a blog of my own and now I can finally comment on your pictures again! I still miss your myspace updates though ;) Anyway, I just LOVE these pictures (as always) and that cake is just amazing!

jenn said...

Can you please share what type of lens you used to get the pics of all the kids on the porch swing. I am having trouble getting close ups like that. thanks, jenn

eef said...

Oh my god that cake is the coolest!!! Love it :D

maile said...

your work is AMAZING!! i love it!!
and happy belated bday roxy! :)