Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm it!

Agnes Lopez, an amazing photographer from Jacksonville, TAGGED ME! To keep the game alive, I have to post "eight interesting facts" about myself. I'm not sure there are EIGHT interesting things about me, but I'll try!!

1. I've only been doing wedding photography for a little over a year. I started after my son Kai was born and had no idea I would love it as much as I do! Now that I've done so many weddings, I can't imagine doing anything else :)

2. I'm getting MARRIED in October of this year - on Halloween to be exact! My fiance, Henry, and I have two babies together and have been living together for four years, so we call each other husband and wife already. Now, we're finally making it official with a crazy fun Rock-N-Roll themed Halloween wedding! We'll have live music (by an awesome Beatles cover band and an Elvis impersonater!!), original artwork by some of our favorite artists and friends, a jumbo-sized photobooth and a menu everyone is sure to enjoy - pizza, beer and candy (it is Halloween, after all!) I can't WAIT!

3. My wedding photographers, 'cause I know all of you are wondering, are the amazingly talented and adorable Bobbi+Mike!

4. The business is named after my two silly babies, Roxy and Kai, but I REEEAAAALLY have five kids! Jessie is 13 and is "technically" my sister, but I've always thought of her as my baby (and always will!) Jessie is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She's beautiful and funny and smart and hilarious. I hope Roxy and Kai are just like her when they grow up! Danny is 11 and is Henry's youngest child from his first marriage. He's rowdy and silly and a video-game fanatic! One day he'll design his own game and make a million bucks :) Esther is 17! She's gorgeous and funny and is a great artist and musician! She's soooooo gonna be a rock star one day!

5. I've lost 20 pounds this month! I've been on the "Oh my goodness, I'm getting married in OCTOBER!!!!" diet. If I can lose another 20 before the big day, I'll be a happy girl :)

6. My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Haven't ever seen it? RENT IT! I want to be Kate Winslet with blue hair when I grow up :)

7. My favorite CD right now is by a local (San Antonio) band! Girl in a Coma are three of the sweetest girls (Jenn, Nina and Phanie) and they are AMAZINGLY talented musicians. Their music is sort of a "melodic punk" style. Hear them here on MySpace and see a ton of my photos here on their "real" website. I can listen to Clumsy Sky over and over and over ...

8. I looooooove making videos of my babies! Here's one of my favorites (it's a video of Roxy and Jessie that I made as a gift to Jess). FYI : "Alanu" is how Roxy used to say "I love you!" We still say it to each other all the time :)


I guess that's it! Thanks to Agnes for tagging me!! Now go look at the 8 photographers that I tagged (ha!) :

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annemariephotography said...

I can't believe it.. You are one amazing girl.. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! Will you teach me?
What a great gift for Jessie.. WOW!

Amy DeYoung said...

Wow the talent!!! I want to learn how to do this too, or I'll pay you to do one someday :) It brought tears to my eyes, I can't imagine what Jessie's reaction was! What a gifted friend I have!

katie said...

That was incredible video! What I'm wondering is ? Are we all invited to your wedding for tagging us? Ha.
Can't wait to see your wedding pics, I know they'll be amazing!

Lynsey said...

You are too much fun :). What lucky babies you have (and big kids too!)

Janice said...

Ok, hold on a second and let me wipe my tears. I just love that video!!!!! Roxy and Jessie are so sweet together!

That was a very interesting Meme. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

kristy said...

well, that was the best few minutes i've spent today. thanks for a beautiful display of memories of your family.

<3 kristy