Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Portrait Contest!

Roxy and Kai Photography is launching a new portrait site soon and is in search of Austinites that are CUTE, FUN and CREATIVE! We want people who are willing to go downtown, grab some ice cream cones with us or do cartwheels at the park. There will be NOOOOOO sitting in a line for portraits or saying cheese at the camera. Just fun, natural, silly photos of happy looking Austin families, babies, kids and teens. Have pink hair or tattoos? AWESOME! Do your kiddos love to dress themselves in crazy outfits? Bring 'em on! We love bright colors, big funky jewelry, guys in cool hats, girls in vintage dresses, mismatched everything! The more creative you are, the more we wanna shoot you! :)

Soooooooo ... we're having a PORTRAIT CONTEST! Grab the nearest camera and shoot a photo of yourself, your family, your kiddos or whoever you think would be a PERFECT Roxy and Kai portrait model in their FAVORITE outfit(s). The more fun and creative you look, the better your chances are of being picked. With your photo, tell us why we should pick you - what makes you or your family so much fun?! We'll be choosing three families, three high school seniors and three babies to receive a free session and be featured on our new portrait site. Each winner will also receive a FREE high-res CD of edited photos from the shoot. Awesome, huh?!

All entries should be sent to :

To view our wedding and current portrait site, visit :

We can't wait to hear from you!

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